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Employment Benefits

The foregoing are summary descriptions of some NSP benefits. Details about NSP compensation and benefit programs are included in our plan documents and benefit booklets. NSP reserves the right to add, change or cancel benefits and other programs from time to time.

For years, NSP has been synonymous with leadership—the first and best in our industry!
Generous employee benefits are no exception. Whether it be competitive compensation, balanced environment for work and home, programs for health and fitness, or continuous learning, you will find that NSP is right on the money.

Service Awards
Long-term employment is valued at NSP. Employees meeting five-year anniversaries are given cash bonuses, from $100 at five years to $6,400 at 35 years of service.

Paid Time Off
If you like getting paid for work, imagine how you will enjoy being paid for not working! NSP's paid time off benefits allow you to balance your work and your activities away from work. Starting with three PTO days upon hire, with the potential of earning up to an additional 15 days of PTO plus holidays—it all adds up to 28 days of potential paid leave in your first year. Of course, PTO increases with years of service, and your short-term and long-term disability benefits insure that you are covered whatever may come your way.

Health Insurance
Good health is why we're in business and our medical, dental, vision and other insurance and wellness programs are designed to help you stay healthy. NSP offers insurance coverage to meet your unique needs—whether it is single or family coverage. Our plan combines the best of traditional arrangements along with non-traditional coverage such as chiropractic and massage therapy care. The plan includes prescription drugs, dental, vision, and life insurance for spouse and dependents. In addition, there is company-provided basic life insurance coverage at two times your annual salary. Optional benefits are available for legal protection, flexible spending accounts, long term disability, auto and homeowner's insurance, additional life insurance, and discounts on gym memberships.

Employee Assistance Program
At some point in almost everyone's life, the pressures of work, home and personal issues create the need for outside help. At no cost to you, the EAP benefit provides unlimited professional and confidential counseling on a wide variety of personal and family problems for you and each family member.

401(K) Retirement Plan
Whether your retirement is just around the corner or a ways off, NSP has one of the most solid retirement plans that you will find anywhere. Our plan provides a 60 percent company match on your contributions up to 5 percent of your salary. With multiple investment options to choose from, 3-year vesting, and automatic enrollment, you can watch your tax-deferred savings begin to grow right away.

Natural Herbal Products
With the best natural herbal health products in the industry, you will enjoy having up to $750 in free product credit each year with which to sample NSP products.

Educational Assistance
Continuous learning, career development and company growth are top priorities at NSP. Besides in-house and on-the-job learning opportunities, NSP offers up to $3,000 annually to employees for college tuition, books and other fees. You also may receive a $1,000 bonus if you certify with a professional organization that relates to your job such as CPA, CPIM, CNE, etc.!

Adoption Benefits
Consistent with its "family friendly" values, NSP provides employees who choose parenthood through adoption comparable benefits to those who are eligible for maternity benefits. Reimbursement of adoption fees up to $2,500 annually and up to two weeks of additional PTO is available for adoption leaves.

Company Activities
No one has ever accused NSP employees of not knowing how to have fun. Whether it is a summer outing for you and your family or the several other activities during the year, you'll soon learn that we don't need much of a reason to throw a party!

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